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Write your way up the mountain.
Read your way back down the other side.

Lizard Head Publishing is named for this
iconic peak located just outside Telluride, CO.




Hobby Bobby & Fairy Mary

Coming © 2022

Written by Madeleine Kunda

Hobby Bobby loves gadgets and science. Fairy Mary loves stories and magic. Always experimenting, the two young friends find themselves traveling back in time where they witness some of history’s craziest events. As they explore they must fly like the Wright brothers, duel like Achilles, think like Einstein and dream like MLK. 

Written to make history engaging and immersive, this book is the first in a series and designed for any kid whose curiosity often leads to adventure. 

9781735596068-ColorPF_NSA_draft5small co


Published © 2021

Written by Marajeane Zodtner

Jilly and Lil-Bro are determined to have a Great Adventure. Their curiosity drives them to venture far from the village of ALL, up and over the hill to explore what lies beyond. What they find surprises and changes them both.

This is a charming story of two young siblings who learn that the best kind of adventure is built on giving to others. 


The Wish of Wishes

Written by L.F. Snead

Published on Nov. 26 2021 ©


Bear. Fox. Seal. 

On Christmas Eve, these three new friends set out on a very special journey. Can they reach Santa Claus and make their Christmas wishes in time? Come along on this wintry adventure to see how the powers of friendship, home and the holiday spirit can unite the most unlikely companions… and maybe even make the most important wish of all come true.


USE CODE: "wishescometrue" for $4 off!


Also available at Between the Covers in Telluride and on Ingram and Baker & Taylor. ISNB: 9781735596037

Donations for every book sold now till 25th to Telluride Avalanche Dogs!
OB Cover_justfrontcmyk?.jpg

The Tails of Otis and Bear

Published © 2020

Written by Laney Vogt

Bear and Otis are two curious yellow labs who love to play outside. Otis is wild and adventurous. Bear is thoughtful and sweet. Both like to explore and sometimes they have so much fun they get into trouble! What will Mom and Dad do when they find out what Bear and Otis have done this time? Told through the eyes of Otis and Bear, this is a joyful and instructive tale of family and the importance of lessons learned.



Lizard Head Publishing is an independent publishing company based in Telluride, Colorado. We are proud to work with ambitious authors, artists and entrepreneurs who seek to push boundaries and create beauty. We publish imaginative, challenging, thoughtful, quirky and fearless stories that communicate a deeper message. Our goal is to bring creatives, visionaries and readers of all backgrounds together by sharing powerful stories that inspire.



Submissions are currently open. If you wish to submit work for consideration, please follow the below instructions carefully.




Please send us your full manuscript as a PDF with all pages numbered. If your manuscript is incomplete, please explain in your cover letter. Email cover letter stating your name, summary of your book, genre, target age range and a short author background including your previous work and any awards you've received. Please include links to any social media pages, websites or blogs you curate. Note that we value first-time authors, so if this is your first book, please know—it is our passion to help you shine! Please email us as much of the above information as you have. Email us at the address listed below. Email subject should be your last name and working book title. If you are interested in our author publishing services, please take a look at our sister company, MADKunda Marketing.


Illustrators and photographers: 


Please send us a cover letter stating your name, bio and any relevant work background. Please provide a link to a website or digital portfolio containing samples of your work. We are always looking for new illustrators and photographers for various projects. If we resonate with your work, we will keep you on file and reach out to you if a suitable project for your style arises. Email all material to the address below. Email subject should be your last name and “Illustrator/Photographer Application.”



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