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title. project 01

date. 2023

city. Madrid

size. mural painting 500m x 500m

Project 01
Leo cover_withawardtop.png

The Unlikely Journey of Leo the Leaf

Published © 2020

Written by William J. Barker


Named a 2020 Distinguished Favorite by the Independent Press. The tale follows the adventures of Leo, a curious and joyful willow leaf, as he encounters a world far from Walt the Weeping Willow and discovers an unlikely friendship with a little boy that lasts a lifetime.


Filled with hope, determination, courage and love, this book is about the quest for community and the meaning behind traveling this path we call life. 


The Drinks of Telluride

Coming © 2021

Assorted Telluride Collaborators 

The Drinks of Telluride is designed to feature the premier restaurants and bars of Telluride and Mountain Village with stunning visuals and an eclectic mix of cocktail recipes. Breathtaking photography will pair with bold descriptions of ambiance and flavor in an original approach to sharing our unique community identity. Readers will take a tour of featured Telluride specialty cocktails, beers and non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy at each distinguished establishment, as well as from the comfort of their own homes.

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